Schedule 2022-2023

    • Locations & Contact US (click)
    • Tentative Fees for 2022-2023 season: Upfront post dated monthly 9 cheques should be provided in the beginning of subscription until the end of season in June. First cheque dated as of Sept 15, all subsequent on the first date of each month. Middle of season joins – discuss proration with club.
      Group Monthly Payment(1st day of each month)
      Senior  4/week 350
      JuniorAdvanced  3 /week 290
      Junior 3/week 260
      BeginnerAdvanced 2/week 225
      Beginners 2/week 195
      Novice 1/week 140
      Novice 2/week 210
    • Registration –   40 CAD
    • Season Insurance  90 CAD.
    • Fundraising will be used for sharable equipment & administrative activities:
      Senior – 200
      Junior Advanced & Junior – 150
      Beginner & Beginner Advanced – 100
      Novice – 50
    • Registration Fee + Insurance + Fundraising must be included into first month payment cheque.
    • Fees, locations and schedule are subject to adjustment.
    • Other fees: Fees above do NOT include expenses related to swimming meets (federations registration, entry fees, etc), club uniform and non sharable equipment.
    • Practices in case of lockdowns we will go to online dryland (tentative, depends on insurance and number of participants )
    • Groups Description:
        • Senior  – competitive athletes typically 12+ years old, capable to swim all 4 stroke technics and have the ability of full basic elements coverage. Rank:  “Senior III”+
        • JuniorAdvanced  – competitive athletes typically 12+ years old, capable to swim all 4 stroke technics and have the ability of basic elements coverage. Rank Junior II/Junior I .
        • Junior – competitive athletes  typically 7 – 10 years old, capable to swim 2 swimming strokes at least and have significant number of basic skills covered. Rank – Junior III
        • BeginnerAdvanced  – non-competitive athletes typically 5-8 years old with some basic swimming skills.
        • Beginners – non-competitive athletes typically 5-8 years old with very little basic swimming skills.
        • Novice – non-competitive athletes typically 5-7 years old with no basic swimming skills.
        • Note: Club coach is making an assignment to the team based on athletes swimming skills, rank and commitments.
    • Discount
      Discount is applicable only to a full season subscriptions. Achievement of top ranks and subsequent bimonthly prove of achieved rank entitle athlete for monthly club fee discount. More details under following link:
      Ranks matrix