Club Philosophy

Rocket Swim Club uses the sport of swimming and it’s environment to teach life’s lessons. We use swimming as a way to teach goal setting, dedication, commitment, and a strong work ethic. As a primary goal we are focused on acquiring and improvement of swimming skills by our athletes and reward them with the fun time if goals set were well executed or athlete’s worked hard to execute them at least. Rocket Swim Club provides the opportunity for all athletes in the sport of swimming to swim for the love of the sport and to reach their highest potential.


Club History

Our swimming program was formed in 2014 by 2 Republic of Moldova immigrants Alina & Ivan. Both were part of Moldova national teams competing on national & international levels.
Republic of Moldova inherited former USSR approach which involves results oriented program based on respect to teammates,  sport of swimming & coaches with the strong discipline foundation. Started with 3 swimmers in the pool in 2014 assuming the huge impact of pandemic club has grown to 40+ swimmers in 2023 with 4 of the Seniors swimmers competing on national level bringing home medals.

Club Technology

We partner with start-up to power the athletes results progress through the technology. Athletes get real time progression reports and related goals aligned to their performance. Such approach give us well balanced goals oriented environment what helped us to get National level swimmers from first generation of athletes. 

Club Goals

It’s well known fact that more than 90% of Canadians can’t swim and drowning is one of the leading factors of unintentional injury death worldwide.  While our club strives for results oriented approach, we consider it not less important to teach safety and respect to the water. We strongly believe that this approach allows us to built drowning resilient athletes what will safe future Canadian life’s. Even one life matters!